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6 Tricks About Internships You Wish You Knew Before

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Internship's a Pre job experience that provides an opportunity for students and graduates to interact with professional works & to gain experiences is them most needed aspect for any field independent of career.Internships helps you to search out how industrial life looks without getting stuck into agreements & bonds.

Internship's are the main key component in obtaining a Industrial expertise & it's the only legit way to create network with organizations and to prove your ability. Mostly all Internships are volunteered and therefore it's an opportunity to learn about the industrial work environment  and to develop the  capabilities to cope up  with current technology.

The interns differ from conventional Industrial training in the factor  that Intern's are merit based and for the purpose of advancing in experience and to get a pre graduate work.As also interns have this much benefit ,the real problem's, from finding to attending a intern interview is not like  that easy as everyone is expecting.This post includes in-depth details containing each and every possible solution to problems faced by a first time intern.


How to choose internship?
"Do what you love " Yes! the sole key factor to success in intern's are passion. since interns may be the first industrial experience to student's it going to be  a more stressive one,the only possible way to Energize you is to work on the field  that inspires you and makes yourself more confidence about your future. Always be with some industries on your niche which makes you excited to work (always look into big companies in your field which support intern's, don't neglect any big organization in fear of getting rejected/academic results, as most intern position's in big corporate are given without academic records)


Search for internship
Most big corporate have separate intern application portals (a simple googling on "Google internship 2014 ,Microsoft internship 2014 " will land you to the application procedure). You can also use some leading Internship portals like 
These web portals provide you with numerous intern /freelance opportunists on all probable niches including Automobiles ,marketing ,Design /Development /CAD ,and to all editorials. Also these portals will assist you in finding organizations at all locations across India.


resume for internship
Nobody can underestimate how important is a smart resume ,the first impression  from your skill ,education, hobby , will be edge cutter among other applicants.As experience doesn't have any role here ,be specific along with your objective and professional skills. Always bear in mind your Intern cover will help to evaluate your personality more than your actual skill.Some of the main things to be added to Intern cover's are 

1.High school information

2.Extra courses /Programming skills (If necessary)
3.Key skills and achievements 
4.Volunteer activities
5.Previous Intern experiences
6.Clear cut Objective (EX: To obtain Internship in Automotive Industry)
You can download a Model Intern resume letter here


Internship interviews
More than a strong Cover letters ,what you say and what you do in Interview will be the  main count in getting intern.The visual appearance can bring in a great difference, and so dressing appropriately is most vital for a interview.As internship will not have critical interview rounds ,be clear with things you had provided in your resume and the things you want to do there.
Be ready for FAQ like "What do you think you would do as an Intern here ? "


After getting internships make certain that you go in well with supervisors and always stay away from organization politics. Learn to handle every kind of professional engagement and Honest communication with everyone.Also try to impress HR, supervisors with your interpersonal , communication and problem solving skills .Make sure to thank all the officials who had been helping with you and network with them in all possible ways for future opportunities.


Do you think you could use these tips to increase your Internship productivity?Have you tried other strategies that worked ,too ? Leave a comment!

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Anna University Final Year B.E/B.Tech Engineering Project Report Format UG Thesis

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All Final year Engineering students must do their major engineering project at the 8th semester of their studies.Anna University have prescribed an engineering project report format for all engineering students doing their major engineering project in their respective domains.

Anna university has neatly presented the format for the UG thesis document to be submitted in their 8th semester of their studies.Below is the format for the anna university final year project report submission.

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Learn PHP 5 Scripting Language in

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PHP is the most popular server scripting language used in today's internet world.In world wide web(WWW),PHP is being used 81.9% ever since 1 Febrary 2014.So,Learning PHP in this Internet tech world is very important to be survived among great powers.i have found a great website that provides FREE online tutorials for PHP5 Server scripting language.

It consists of PHP 5 Basics, PHP Forms,PHP Advanced,PHP Database,PHP XML,PHP and Ajax and lots and lots of PHP Examples.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Electric Circuits AC DC Semiconductor Ebooks

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Hai Engineers,

Here we have uploaded 6 Electric Circuits Ebooks for Free Downloads.The Ebooks focus on
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits AC
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits DC
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits Digital
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits Experiment
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits Reference
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits Semiconductor

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering for Electronics and Communication Enigneering Study Materials Ebooks

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Hai Engineers,

Here We have Uploaded Useful study materials for Gate preparation(ECE Stream).
The Following Concepts are Uploaded  :)
  • Amplitude Modulation
  • Circuit Theorems
  • Complex Variables
  • Digital Electronics Question papers
  • Discrete Time Systems
  • Number Systems and Boolean Algebra
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Semiconductor Physics
  • Signals and Systems
  • Transfer Functions
  • Transmission Lines

Cambridge Business English Certificates(BEC) Preliminary and Vantage Examination Study Materials

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Hai Engineers, 
Cambridge University offers a Certification program in Business English Language(Professional English) through ESOL Examination Centre for all Student Engineers and other peoples in the name of BEC(Business English Certificates).
BEC has three levels,
  • BEC Preliminary (Suitable for All College Students)
  • BEC Vantage (Suitable for Final year Students and job seeking candidates)
  • BEC Higher (Needed for Working Professionals)
All Three levels focus on the Candidates Skills in READING,WRITING,SPEAKING and LISTENING in various different level of standard.

This Cambridge English Business Certificates(BEC) is recognized by many leading International,National and MNC companies.

This will be useful for Students who want to get higher grades in BEC Examination.These materials are got from the Examination training centre and Google Search.


Links for References:

Cisco CCNA Study Guide Ebooks

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Hai Engineers,here is the study guide for Cisco CCNA { Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) } certification Program.

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